Below are Training modules on PNPSCADA

You may download and use these training modules freely. Please contact us if you wish to attend a training course presented by us on a regular basis.

Slides101 – Induction

Manual102 – Installation of meters

Manual103 – Installation of meters on etherpads

Manual104 – Installation of meters on active GPRS modems

Manual106 – Installation of Wavenis AMR on water meters

Manual107 – Add Wavenis meters on PNPSCADA

Manual120 – Acountant – Configuring tariffs, Time of Use calendars and Meter accounts

Manual121 – Accountant – Checking, running and exporting bills

Manual122 – Prepaid metering

Manual131 – Admin – Configuring custom accounts and Permissions

Manual141 – Engineer Role – Reports on Plug and Play Scada