Our Plug And Play SCADA software is summarized in short below:

Read Meters Billing
  • Read a wide range of meters
  • Growing number of meters
  • Contact us to have your meters added to PnPScada
  • Powerful billing engine
  • Provide a billing service to your clients using PNPSCADA
  • Export bills as PDF
  • Export bills into other financial systems using csv
  • Advanced trouble shooting
  • Seamlessly bill your clients
  • Provisional bills – bill based on usage to date
Remote Backups Graphs
  • Daily remote backups
  • Restored in as little as 2 hours
  • Energy and demand used every half hour becomes visible to the customer in a simple, colourful and powerful TOU sensitive graphic display, fully zoom- and pan-able.
  • Water usage graphs are also supported
Security and Identity Summated Accounts
  • 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption
  • Customisable user roles
  • A “Glass Wall” allows the user to log in on any server, and be redirected transparently to the server on which his account exists
  • flexibility to generate Summated Accounts for multiple meters
  • These summated accounts correctly diversify demand by calculating the simultaneous maximum demand for a number of metering points
  • is also used for Check Metering
Unique Web Address Load Control
  • Clients can give each site it own unique web address
  • Each site can also have its own unique banner imageclip_image015
  • Real time maximum demand prediction
  • Switch off excessive loads
System Plugin Energy saving solution
Build your own advanced electricity, water or gas related system with PnPScada as the engine that drive your system.

  • Manage energy saving solutions from creating a baseline to getting readings for the final energy savings report. 
  • Carbon footprint analysis
  • Calculate carbon usage per product or unit
Tariff Analysis Time Zones
  • Find the best tariff for your clients
  • yearly savings on tarifs are in some cases enough to cover the cost of the full smart metering implementation.
  • Manage your clients and organizations over a variety of territories and time zones
  • Can give a different time zone to each meter or to each organization
  • Automatically compensate for day light saving