Communication Equipment 


Get more information on the use and installation of the epad1

Etherpad, Ethernet to RS232,rs232 to ethernet,rs232 ethernet,rs232 to ethernet converter,Meter communication

Epad3/ Etherpad(485)

Download Epad3 datasheet here

Get more information on the use and installation of the epad3

Etherpad,Ethernet to RS485,rs485 to ethernet converter,RS485 ethernet,rs485 to ethernet,Meter communication

Hardware Watchdog


To automatically restart 12v DC Devices            (Modems, Routers, ens)

Download Watchdog datasheet here

restart 12v communication periodically, reboot network device,restart network device,reboot 12v communication,restart fibre converter,reboot fibre converter,Watchdog for modem

RS232 to RS485 converter

Converts RS232 to RS485 signal for longer distance communication

RS232 to rs485, RS485 to rs232



RS232 to rs485

AS230 communication module

For use when Elster AS230 meters are multi-dropped

modem gprs rs232,Meter communication


Boosts the signal if large numbers of meters are linked to a single modem

Multi drop meters,Multi-drop meters,Multiple meter

Smartoo modem

GPRS modem with advanced Functionality.

modem gprs rs232,Meter communication,modem gprs rs485


Various brand names are being resold

More information on some of the modems

modem gprs rs232,Meter communication

Billing Online Modem

Billing Online Modems are available in A1140 and AS230 versions.

Discontinued Please contact us for Solutions

More information on these modems

modem gprs rs232,Meter communication











modem gprs rs232,Meter communication





We are a proud Reseller of Elster Meters.

Our added service include setup of the meter on your account and testing the communication.

Various brand names are being read by our software.

List of meters that are currently being supported by PnPScada
This list may change from time to time.

Optical eye

For downloading data from and programming of meters.

Load scheduling controller/ (BMSRTU)

Building Management Scheduler Remote Terminal Unit

Timer and bypass facility for loads

Download the BMSRTU pamphlet here

Automated light switch power saving,power saving switch,Automated power saving,Automated power switch, timer power switch, programmable timer

Metering remote terminal units (µRTU)



For metering of up to 8 pulses                 (Water, Gas….)

Download µRTU datasheet here

Get more information on the use and installation of the µRTU

Discontinued Please contact us for Solutions

Pulse meter reading,Water meter pulse counter,Pulse counter water,Pulse power meter,Remote terminal unit,Pulse counter metering,Meter communication

Optocoupler units:

Opto 3

Download the OPTO3 datasheet here.

Opto 4

Download the OPTO4 datasheet here.

ICP Con Modules

We Implement a variety of ICP Con Modules for monitoring and control purposes.

(Remote Switching, Temperature Monitoring,  Volts/Amp Logging….)



PnP_Server copy


Get more information on the technical specification of our servers


The WL232 is designed to extend RS232 communications over 433Mhz

WL232_Setup & Use rev3.pdf

WL232 ICASA Type Approval Certificate


Temperature Panel

Temperature Pannel


An extensive list of other meter and modem equipment is also resold. Please contact us for more details.