MSS Product data sheet introduction

The Mill Safe Start:

  • Protect your mill from a locked charge incident (drop charge).
  • Record the performance of the liquid resistance starter.
  • Get a comprehensive analysis of each start-up.
  • Detect damaging torque transients and current spikes early.
  • Pre-empt electrical and mechanical problems by taking corrective action expediently.

MSS Locked Charge protection relay (LCPR)

The SDG LCPR (locked charge protection relay) is the heart of the Mill Safety Start system. It calculates the ore angle and trips the mill if the ore has cemented, before it can drop and cause damage. It also records the start-up in detail so that it can be analyzed and start-up problems detected expediently, preventing damage to the mill and motors.

MSS Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The SDG HMI (Human Machine Interface) for the LCPR is the window into the Mill Safety Start system, allowing the control room operator to see exactly what the LCPR is doing and how the start-up is progressing in real time.

The HMI also serves as a gateway for connecting the Mill Safety Start System to the SDG remote server. The recorded traces of each start-up are transferred to the remote server automatically, enabling SDG Technologies to evaluate the operation of the liquid resistance starter, and also to verify the correct and optimal operation of the LCPR and all calculations thereof.

MSS Professional services(support plans)

Although on-site specialized recording of LRS performance is valuable, experience has shown that each start-up is unique, influenced by many factors, and possible problems can easily be missed with a limited number of recordings. By the time that the problem is detected, it may already have caused expensive damage.

The solution is to monitor each and every start-up.